Whole30 Day 8: Feeling Bloated

My Whole30 Day 8 Journey

Whole30 Day 8 was a great day with my food choices but just like the Whole30 timeline predicted I had a bloated feeling all day yesterday. My pants felt tighter and I am guessing this is why one of the rules is not to weigh yourself during the 30 day challenge.

As my body detoxes and adjusts to the new foods as well as my daily routine there is more than likely weight fluctuations that would possibly derail me if I weighed myself daily. I’ll be honest, I am so tempted to jump on the scale but I’d rather have one big victory surprise at the end.

Whole30 day 8 has me feeling a bit bloated but still enjoying salad for lunch.

As you will see by my menu, during the week I tend to eat the same things over and over. Usually whatever I have for dinner one night will be my lunch the next day as I don’t have a problem eating leftovers. This weekend I am going to try to do more prepping and recipes with ingredients I wouldn’t normally purchase.

Whole30 Day 8 perfectly peedled hard boiled eggs from the instant pot.

My Whole30 Day 8 Food {Menu of the Day}




  • almonds
  • coconut Larabar


Fake Out Take Out Whole30 Cauliflower Fried Rice was on the menu for Whole30 day 8

 My Whole30 Fitness {Fitbit Steps}

I didn’t even look at my Fitbit yesterday so to my surprise 2,500 steps is all I logged for the day. Geesh…hard to believe I even left my house and went to work but I did. I know these are excuses because there are plenty of people that get their steps in regardless of the weather, their working conditions and lack of treadmill. I am going to try setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to get up and move.

My Whole30 Feelings {positive}

Even though I started the day feeling bloated and annoyed with my tight pants, I am still feeling positive about this experience. I noticed that some of my regular aches and pains have disappeared and I’ll take that any day. I have already thought about doing another 30 days when I am done with this challenge.

You can continue to follow my journey at Whole30 day 9.


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