Whole30 Day 7: Real Food Tastes Good

My Whole30 Day 7 Journey

It’s Whole30 day 7 and I am moving right along with another successful day in the books. Each day I notice more and more that my food tastes different and my taste buds are adjusting to new flavor combinations. When your food isn’t masked is chemicals and faux flavorings you start to notice what food is supposed to really taste like. Not only are these food choices a detox for the body but a cleanse of the pallet.

I have never liked fruit. {Shocker, I know. Who doesn’t like fruit? Me!!!} I try to eat one piece of fruit each day but I am not always successful in that attempt. I will say I have eaten more fruit in the last 7 days than I have the last year. My fruit choices are watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe and pears. I definitely don’t like citrus fruits which are called for in a lot of Whole30 recipes. Tonight I had the most amazing lemon & garlic salad dressing on my salad with roasted chicken. A little goes a long way with the flavor. {I am excited for lunch tomorrow.}


I am a vegetable person and have absolutely no problem eating salad every day. Up until this point, sweet potatoes were not a choice I would have made but they have quickly become a new favorite vegetable for me. I love roasting a pan of sweet potatoes mixed with onions and peppers. I have also used sweet potatoes like hash browns with sausage and eggs.

My Whole30 Day 7 Food {Menu of the Day}




  • almonds
  • coconut larabar


Whole30 Day 8 perfectly peedled hard boiled eggs from the instant pot.

My Whole30 Fitness {Fitbit Steps}

I wish my Fitbit efforts were as stellar as my Whole30 efforts. I find it very hard to get in 10,000 steps sitting behind a desk for most of the day and this crazy Chicago weather is no help. Today we had sunshine while it was snowing sideways and I logged a whopping 3,500 steps today. Tell me how you full time working people with crappy weather get those steps in each day?

My Whole30 Feelings {satisfied}

I keep saying this but it’s true, I don’t feel deprived or starved at all. I don’t have any cravings {ok I did want a glass of wine tonight for about 10 seconds} and I am enjoying my food. I seem to enjoy it more because I am slowing down and being thoughtful about what is on my plate.

You can continue to follow my journey at Whole30 day 8.


  1. Toni says:

    Way to go friend, keep up the great work. It’s amazing how great food tastes when we get rid of all the processed stuff and peel it back to the natural state it was intended.

    • Denise Bryant says:

      Thanks Toni. Yes, I am loving the new taste of food I have been eating for years and getting creative with new food preparations.

  2. Christy *theharperhouse says:

    wow – awesome job Denise! I am super impressed with your dedication. I really focused on better eating for about 3 months last fall and did really well…until the holidays hit and all my motivation and dedication went ou the window. Now, with me picking up blogging and spending ALL DAY on the computer – I have totally stopped exercising and my energy level has taken a huge hit because of it. You inspired me to get back at it – thank you 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    The weather was insane today here too, Denise. For a while this afternoon, we had sunshine and snow at the same time! Crazy Midwestern winter won’t let go! You’ll get lots of stows in when it warms up. Keep trying- you’re doing great! 💕💕

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