Whole30 Roasted Chicken and Bone Broth

Whole30 roasted chicken and bone broth is a staple in this household when it comes to meal prepping for the Whole30 Challenge. I make it every Sunday as part of my weekly meal prep routine. Today you are getting a two for one post as I share how I prep a Whole30 roasted chicken and bone broth for lunches, soups and stews throughout the week.

Making Whole30 Roasted Chicken and Broth is so easy in the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Whole30 Roasted Chicken and Bone Broth

If you don’t have a whole chicken for this recipe you can use these instructions for split breasts or thighs. The key to having moist chicken is to use a cut that still has bones and skin which can be removed after cooking. Also, don’t throw away any of the scraps because you will use it to make chicken bone broth.

Ingredients Needed for Whole30 Roasted Chicken

  • Whole Chicken 4-5 pounds
  • Carrots, Onions, Celery
  • Chicken broth
  • Seasonings ( lemon pepper, garlic, smoked paprika and salt)
  • Avocado Oil

First thing you do is remove the baggie of parts from inside the whole chicken and set your Instant Pot to the sauté function. Add oil to the pan as it heats up and  choose an oil that has a high temperate tolerance and won’t burn or smoke.

Making Whole30 Roasted Chicken and Broth with vegetable inserted into the cavity of the chicken. Browning the chicken before pressure cooking gives it that golden color.

Drizzle avocado oil over the chicken and rub it all over making sure you do this on both sides of the bird. Generously, and I mean generously, sprinkle both sides with lemon pepper, garlic, smoked paprika and some salt. Rub the spices into the bird to create a seasoned paste. Add an extra drizzle of oil if you need it.

Fill the cavity of the chicken with 3 cloves of unpeeled garlic, onion wedges, rough chopped celery and carrots.

Whole30 Roasted Chicken ready for pressure cooking after the browning process.

Once the Instant Pot is preheated add the whole chicken starting breast side down to sauté and brown. Brown it for approximately 4 minutes on each side. Remove the chicken from the Instant Pot which can be kind of tricky so if you don’t want to add your trivet leave it breast side up in the pan after you flip it. I personally prefer using the trivet because it makes it easier to pull the chicken out of the pot as it is literally falling off the bone.

Whole30 Roasted Chicken is easier to take out of the pot with the metal trivot but is optional.

Add one cup of chicken broth to the bottom of the pot and then put in the metal trivet to hold the chicken above the liquids.  Place the whole chicken breast side up on the metal trivet. Change your setting to manual, high pressure, set it for 25 minutes and most importantly don’t forget to close the vent on the lid.

Whole30 Roasted Chicken fully cookes and ready to make broth after the meat is taken off the bones.

Once the Instant Pot comes up to pressure, let the whole chicken cook for 25 minutes and then natural pressure release (NPR) for 10 minutes. After the pressure releases you can remove the chicken and let it rest on a plate for 5-10 minutes before cutting.

Whole30 Roasted Chicken with the chicken falling off the bone because it is so moist and tender.

Although I rarely serve this whole roasted chicken as a meal because it is part of meal prep for the week and we use it on top of our salads but it would also be great on top of some Whole30 Loaded Sweet Potato Fries.

After I take the meat off the bones I add a layer of onion, carrots and celery to the bottom of the pot and throw the carcass in with the all veggies I stuffed inside. I cover it with 6 cups of water and add fresh herbs (parsley, thyme and bay leaf), salt and pepper. Turn the Instant Pot back on to manual, high pressure and set it for 120 minutes (2 hours). Let it NPR for 10-15 minutes, strain to remove the solids, store the chicken broth in the fridge.

The Instnat Pot makes weekly meal prepping so much easier when making this Whole30 Roasted Chicken for lunches, soups and stews. Then you can make chicken bone broth for cooking during the week.


    • Denise Bryant says:

      Katie…this is one of those “no brainer” meal prep things I do each week. I just put it in the IP and let it do it’s thing.

  1. Melissa says:

    Great recipe and I love your use of the sauté function (my fav)!! I’ve been buying organic bone broth but I’ll have to try doing it this way. I’m pinning and tweeting this today! Please join us again for the 2nd Instant Pot Link Party in a couple of weeks!

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