Whole30 Challenge

Join me in the Whole30 Challenge

Have you heard of the Whole30 challenge? (yep, that’s an affiliate link and you can read my disclosure here) For the last couple of years I have half-heartily participated in the Whole30 challenge of eating whole foods free from chemicals and unpronounceable crap ingredients.

I have slowly been converting my grocery choices to fresh, whole foods and cutting out processed foods but let me tell you…bread, cheese and dairy are kryptonite to this family. I have raised a family of carb-o-holics that drink milk {organic milk} straight out of the carton when they think no one is looking, eat cheese {rBGH and rBST free} for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and a shortage of bread {homemade bread} can cause a meltdown that will put any toddler to shame.

I will be starting the Whole30 Challenge again and it will be a true challenge because I do cook for my family on a daily basis and they have no interest in participating in the challenge. I will have to work around my temptations {or trick my family into eating my new and healthier food choices}. My day job requires me to attend dinners and events often which also includes cocktails and appetizers. The Whole30 Challenge is going to require great commitment and lots of planning on my part.

Whole30 challenge

Documenting My Whole30 Challenge

I will be documenting my Whole30 Challenge journey {good, bad and the ugly} each day here on the blog. I will share my menu with all of you and I will be incorporating walking with my Fitbit {yep, that’s an affiliate link} counting every step of the way. Lastly, I will be journaling what I discover through this process as this is not going to be easy at all but I have done far more difficult things in my life than learn to drink black coffee and skip my share of bread at the dinner table.

whole30 challenge skillet

What Can I Eat?

The first question I get asked is what can I eat and simply put you can eat meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats from oils, nuts and seeds. I’ll be eating foods with very few ingredients, all pronounceable ingredients, or better yet, no ingredients listed at all because they’re totally natural and unprocessed. I’ll be avoiding these foods for the full 30 days:

  • No Sugar, artificial or real
  • No Alcohol
  • No Dairy
  • No Legumes
  • No Grains, bread, rice, or pasta

Not only is there a book detailing the Whole30 program {yep, that’s an affiliate link}, but there is a website, Facebook community and tons of other bloggers sharing their journey of clean eating. First thing you need to do before joining my challenge is learn more about the 8 Steps of the Whole30 program.

Join My Whole30 Challenge

I invite you to join me in the Whole30 Challenge and share your experience through daily comments and encouragement. If you are going to join me in the Whole30 Challenge leave me a comment. 

Follow my journey starting with Whole30 day 1.


  1. Sarah says:

    Denise, I’m crazy proud of you for doing this! I’ve done very similar things in the past, I just know I couldn’t do it right now. But I’m cheerring you on, my friend!!!! ???

  2. Toni | SmallHomeSoul.com says:

    Denise, you are going to Rock Whole30!! I’m excited for your journey and will be following your successes and progress. I’m sure you will come up with some very creative dishes that your family will love!

    • Denise Bryant says:

      Thanks Maria….even if someone is able to incorporate one change I think that I success. 🙂

    • Denise Bryant says:

      Yeah….welcome aboard Brenda. One of the 8 steps is “Build Your Support Network” and I am looking forward to us all helping each other.

    • Denise Bryant says:

      Una…so glad you are joining the challenge. Forming a network is one of the important steps in starting this journey!

    • Denise Bryant says:

      Linda..join in and do what you can. I started slowly last year by incorporating some of the rules but I am ready to go full steam ahead now.

  3. Alicia says:

    I had planned to start my Whole30 April 1st. I went Paleo 3 weeks ago and decided to slowly easy my way into the new lifestyle. I had picked April 1st so I will be joining you as well!

  4. Vianney says:

    Hi Denise,
    Coun me in! My husband was dx with stage iv cancer 4 yrs ago. Along with chemo I completely changed our way of eating and living. He’s still here kicking cancers butt! I personally been on a serious health kick since last year. I’ve slowly been taking away grains and dairy. I think being part of a group will provided moral support and make it easier not just for me but finding ways to include my family in a even healthier lifestyle. I’m at the gym 3-4 times a week, I’ve got my fitbit, I’m ready!!

    • Denise Bryant says:

      You are motivating me!!! So glad to hear of the changes you have made and congratulations to your husband and his progress.

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