2017 Bucket List – 12 Months of Creative and Fun Ideas

Today I am introducing you to a new tradition- my 2017 Bucket List. I usually focus my New Year on getting organized and cleaning out all the clutter in my life but I’ve never thought about making a bucket list. My daughter always checks things off her bucket list and I gave her a bucket list journal for Christmas which made met think…..I should create my own bucket list.

2017 Bucket List

Most people create a life long bucket list with things they want to accomplish in their lifetime but I thought it would be more manageable if I created a 2017 Bucket List so I don’t feel so pressured to hurry through the list. I want to take my time and make happy memories to preserve in my Memory Jar.

I have been brainstorming bucket list ideas that I can do at least once a month that will be creative and fun yet not be too overwhelming for my schedule or too expensive for the budget. Also, I don’t want to do things just to do things. I want my bucket list items to have meaning and purpose with a happy memory I can cherish forever.

2017 Bucket List – 12 Months of Creative and Fun Ideas

2017 Bucket List

Who doesn’t love good food and drinks with friends and family along with a side of laughter and good times? {FYI- I am jumping up and down raising my hand right now.}

  • Go to a brewery and try some beer beyond my Miller Lite palate 2/10/2017 Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee Wi.
  • Winter BBQ
  • Host a brunch 1/1/2017 New Years Day Brunch

2017 Bucket List

Since we just bought an RV in the fall and it is only appropriate that I add some travel plans to my 2017 Bucket List.

  • Visit the Grand Canyon March 25, 2017
  • Walk along the Gold Coast (Chicago’s side of Lake Michigan)
  • Be a tourist for a long weekend June 23, 2017 Lake Geneva

2017 Bucket List

Although I consider myself crafty I am not very artsy. Dose that make sense? I haven’t been to many plays, I don’t read books and I can’t remember the last time I have been to the movies.

  • See a Broadway play June 14, 2017 Hamilton
  • Watch Gone With the Wind (I’ve never seen this movie)
  • Take an art class

2017 Bucket List

I am all about learning how to be a better ME and I read anything that has to do with self-help and self awareness but I rarely implement the lessons learned without a gentle nudge.

  • Go to a hotel and relax in a deep bath tub with bath salts and bubbles
  • Social media free weekend and meditate (no phone and no computer)
  • Plank every day for a week

2017 Bucket List Bonus Ideas

Here are a few extra bonus ideas that I came up with that might inspire you to make your own bucket list.

  • Get a massage
  • Go Geo Caching
  • Take a cooking class
  • Learn a new craft 1/15/2017 Arm Knitting
  • Write a letter and mail it (no email)
  • Exercise or take up a sport
  • Go out of the country

If you have been inspired by my 2017 Bucket List please share it and tag your friends that might also be inspired create their own 2017 Bucket List. I would also love to see your 2017 bucket list so leave a link in the comments.

12 fun and creative ideas for your 2017 bucket list

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  1. Lisa says:

    I love, love, love, this!!!!! I have friends that run around their house at midnight on New Year’s Eve with empty suitcases in the hope of traveling to new places in the coming year. 🙂

    You have totally inspired me today.

    Happy New Year!

    • Denise Bryant says:

      I do lots of things throughout the year but these are things that I find myself saying….one day I am going to do that and now I have written it down. No excuses on why I can’t do it this year! Happy New Year Lisa!

  2. Nancy says:

    What helps is the public commitment and thus accountability. A monthly review would be helpful…a freebie post, if you will, talking about progress…

  3. Laurie McDougall says:

    I look forward to reading your blog and watching your 2017 bucket list dwindle away. So much fun in your future! I love it that you are an open book, always sharing your life.

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