Preserving and Sharing Your Happy Memories

Happy New Year and welcome to My Thrifty House! I love the feeling of a new beginning, fresh start and a clean slate for the year. I am looking forward to slamming the door on a horrible year and having an over abundance of “happy memories” in the coming year.

Happy Memories collage

As some of you may know, my son Cody unexpectedly passed away at the age of 23. Riding the waves of grief and trying to keep my head above water have become my new normal. Besides my amazing family and friends, what keeps my mind busy and at peace is being creative. This blog is where I get to be creative and put my journey in writing. So let’s get started with a great project to capture those happy memories.

Glass Paint Can Memory Jar

I made this Memory Jar for my daughter as a fun and creative way to do a year in review on New Year’s Eve. Wouldn’t it be  great to have 52 weeks of happy memories to look back on at the end of the year? If you’re really motivated….pictures and scrapbooking those moments would be an added bonus.

Craft supplies used to create a memory jar

How to Preserve Your Happy Memories

You can easily make a Memory Jar out of recycled and repurposed items you already have on hand around your home. I just happen to have a big stash of crafty “stuff” around here and I love the challenge of making something new out of something old.

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Preserving Happy Memories With A Berry Basket

Using a berry basket to preserve and journal your happy memories

These berry boxes are such a clever way of repurposing and reusing something that would have ended up in the recycle bin. The box is wrapped in Washi tape and the tags were embellished with stickers from the Christmas tag bin. The 3 x 3 note cards are perfect for writing about all those happy memories throughout the year.

Happy Memories Berry Basket Pinterest

Preserving Happy Memories In A Mason Jar

happy memories jar burlap

Don’t forget about the ever so popular mason jar.{They’re not just for moonshine.} I wrapped the mason jar with a piece of scrap burlap ribbon, added a chalkboard label on the lid, a cardboard tag and a key from my flea market finds and some 1 x 2 pieces of paper so I can journal my happy memories.

Learn how to preserve and share your happy memories in a mason jar.

I’d love to see your memory jar projects. Feel free to visit the My Thrifty House Facebook page and link your project.

Happy Memories Jar Collage Pinterest


  1. Sam @ Raggedy Bits says:

    I love all of these fabulous ideas! They sure are a beautiful way to remember all of those special times, reflect and cherish! Thank you so much for the lovely inspiration, Denise! xx

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