Whole30 Day 27: Mind Games

My Journey: Whole30 Day 27

Whole30 day 27 brings me to the final stretch of the challenge and my will power is truly being tested. Butter or no butter? That is the question.


My mind games kicked in today as I tried to tell myself butter on my potato was OK because it’s almost day 30. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to myself and have another successful day behind me.

I ended up topping my baked potato with chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, chives and drizzled with olive oil. Proving to myself that a baked potato isn’t dry and un-flavorful if you top it with the right things. It was perfect and delicious. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my potato.)

whole30 day 27

Whole30 Day 27 Menu {Food Choices

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Whole30 Exercise {Fitbit Steps}

I reset the sync settings and I think I finally fixed my Fitbit. I managed to get in 5,000 steps today despite the fact that I was super busy at work. I wasn’t able to get in a walk around the neighborhood tonight because it is so cold and raining. (Crazy weather in Chicago.)

Whole30 Emotions {excited}

I’m getting excited as I approach the end of my Whole30 challenge. I am feeling really good and by that I mean healthy. My aches and pains are pretty much nonexistent, I am sleeping better, my skin looks and feels better, my mind is clearer and as an added bonus my clothes are fitting looser. Next step is to schedule my annual physical and see what my labs and doctor have to say about my progress. I am sure he will be pleasantly surprised since he has asked me to lose weight at my last 2 physicals.