Pantry Makeover Reveal Before & After

Pantry Makeover for Under $50

Pantry Makeover Reveal

I am finally able to reveal my pantry makeover that I have been working on since the New Year. Click here for the full before tour. I can honestly say this pantry has irritated me for 10 years but in all actuality my thought process was…it’s just a pantry…other things are higher on the “fix it” priority list.

Pantry Makeover Reveal side by side

But what I have learned during this pantry makeover is that it is much MORE than “just a pantry”…this closet is directly related to our finances, organization and time. The pantry is the epicenter of our household and it had been severely neglected over the years.

Pantry Makeover Reveal close up


For the last two weeks we have taken on the challenge of “eating from the pantry” and only shopping for produce, milk, dairy and lunchmeat on a budget of $100 per week. Let me just say, for a family of 5, that is incredibly hard and I can’t even fathom how people fill their pantry at a civilian grocery store. We are blessed to be retired military so we shop at the commissary where groceries are on average 30% cheaper than chain stores.


I love opening the door of the pantry and knowing exactly what we have on hand for a recipe. The reason we have 15 boxes of pasta in the pantry  is because there was no organization in place and we just bought items not knowing that we already had them…or a dozen…of that particular item. I really tried to keep pantry makeover reveal cabinetpantry items centralized on a designated shelf {oils and vinegar together, etc} but over time things get moved and pushed to the back of the pantry. Keeping the shelves open and clutter free and organized by category are helping us so much.


My favorite part of the pantry makeover is how much we save on time. On Saturday, the whole family collectively comes up with 7 dinner ideas for the week based upon what we already have in the pantry and freezer. Then we build a grocery list off of the menu ideas. The time spent in the grocery store is less because we are buying less and we have an organized shopping list.  The time spent figuring out what we are going to make for dinner is less because we have a menu of 7 dinners written down with the staples already in the pantry. We spend less time in the kitchen because we are able to do so much of the prep work ahead of time.

Budget Details

pantry makeover reveal cabinet

One of the best parts of the pantry makeover was that it didn’t cost me a lot of money. We painted the walls with leftover gray paint, Gentle Rain, from another project. We bought the cabinet at the Habitat Restore for $38. I painted the cabinet with homemade chalk paint that I made with a $1.99 Valspar paint sample and Plaster of Paris that I already had in my bag of tricks. It only took one roll of self stick shelf paper $5 to make that ugly green ivy paper disappear. Rather than purchase baskets to organize the shelves I just used what we have in the house. I already had a three tiered basket that I separated and used them for canned goods. {I hated having the cans on the skinny shelves on the walls….especially when they fell off the and  hit me in the head.}

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  1. Sarah Sanders says:

    What a difference!! I love what you’ve done – and I’m sure it feels so much better/more fun to use now, too! A great project to tackle… 🙂

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