Saying Goodbye to a Disorganized Pantry

My disorganized pantry drives me absolutely NUTS and I have made the decision to get this  mess under control once and for all.

Shout out to all of you that have tackled the pantry clutter and created one of those magazine worthy pantries that look like a professionally designed room in your house. For this family I will just be happy to get a grip on the cereal, pasta and canned goods that seem to multiply on their own.

Before pic of disorganized pantry 3

I do have a large family of 6 with with 5 of us eating at home on a daily basis. My husband and I create a weekly menu and do the shopping for the week every Sunday but we also bulk buy on some items as you can see by the stacks of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa cans.

Before pic Disorganized Pantry 2

The UGLY Truth About My Disorganized Pantry

First of all this disorganized pantry is really an awkward close in my kitchen that is 38″D by 27″ W with 5 shelves that are 12″ W. The little shelves on the side walls are basically wide enough to hold a can of soup which often fall off and hit me in the head.

before pic of disorganized pantry 1

There is a wire rack on the door that is forever spilling items on the floor as they fall out of the wire baskets.

There is a 3 tier basket cart that holds bread and snacks and there is a step stool that is never used because it is holding the gigantic popcorn maker (which is the only cool thing about this closet/pantry).

pantry makeover before and during

Oh… I almost forgot the worst part of the ugly pantry is the shelf paper that is white with green ivy circa 1980. Yikes…that has got to go for sure.

Of course, I am sharing all the BEFORE pictures with you today and will post a follow up next week with the AFTER pictures.

Update: you can see the full reveal of my pantry makeover right here. I am so in love with this little closet and how it has organized my life and grocery budget.

You can also check out my $100 master bedroom closet makeover.

Pantry Makeover Reveal


  1. Mary Long says:

    At a gala, I “won” an auction item to have a pro come in an organize my pantry! Such a treat; however, I now have to go back in and re-organize. The daily use keeps things shifting around! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Denise Bryant says:

      I organize a couple of times a year but it is short lived. I am adding more organizing tools and techniques to the pantry.

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