Wooden Farmhouse Table Runner Made from Scrap Wood

Would you believe I made this wooden farmhouse table runner from scraps of wood? Yes, I was challenged by my friends to create something out of scraps and this wooden table runner is now the shining star of my rustic table setting.

wooden farmhouse table runner set for Easter

Somewhere along the way, during one of my many flea market trips, I found these wood pieces that were originally the ends of wine crates. I really liked the typography and graphics on each piece and my first thought was to stain them and line the inside of a shelf with the repurposed wood. Regardless, I liked them and paid $3 for a pile of scrap wood.

Table set with wooden farmhouse table runner

I never got around to staining them for that bookshelf project and they sat in my garage for a year. When the “build something with scraps challenge” was thrown down I knew exactly what scraps I was going to use for my project and making them into a table runner would add some farmhouse texture to my dining room table.

Wine crates used to make wooden farmhouse table runner

Instead of staining them I opted to use some white homemade chalky paint and watered it down to do a quick white wash finish on the wood scraps.

White washed scraps for wooden farmhouse table runner

Then I was asking my husband for ideas on how I could attach the boards together to make a wooden farmhouse table runner. After some brainstorming it dawned on me that the left over yardsticks from my picture frame project were the right width and thickness not to mention the perfect way to add another layer of character and charm to the table runner.

Assembling the wooden farmhouse table runner

I gave 4 yardsticks a quick coat of the chalky paint white wash and then my husband got busy with his staple gun and started assembling the table runner.

wooden farmhouse table runner with nature themed place settings

When it was all done the table runner measured 66 inches long and 18 inches wide. It really is a great starting point to add more layers to creating a fun centerpiece for my dinning room table.

wooden farmhouse table runner

Now you have the full story on how I added all of those layers to my rustic and simple table setting. Hop on over and visit my blogging friends to see what they built with their scraps. I promise you my wooden farmhouse table runner is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creativity these ladies bring the the table.

This DIY wooden farmhouse table runner was made from wood scraps that used to be wine crates.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Girl, this is an awesome usage of wood scraps. I love that you chose not to stain them and used paint instead.

    It has a lovely soft and faded look.

    Great job.

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