DIY Tassel Throw Pillows Inspired by Hearth & Hand

Each month I team up with my blogging friends and share a craft project with you made from supplies I have been hoarding collecting.  We call it the Craft Room De-Stash Challenge. Today I am showing you how to DIY tassel throw pillows.

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How to make a DIY tassel pillows

I am loving the new Hearth & Hand line at Target from Joanna Gaines. There are so many fun and decorative pieces available but when I saw the knit tassel throw pillows I had a light bulb moment on how to DIY tassel throw pillows of my own.

Image Via Target

Yes, a true DIY’er falls in love with an inspiration piece and then says “I can make that myself”. Especially when that particular item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Yes, I can’t find it on the Target website anymore so I am determined to make it myself. 

DIY tassel pillows with knit pillow

I’ve kind of, sort of been addicted to making pom pom garland and knew that I could make my own interpretation of the knit tassel throw pillows by using the same technique as the pom pom maker. 

How to DIY Tassel Throw Pillows

Coincidentally, I picked up a pair of white knit throw pillows at the thrift store for $5 but if you don’t have knit throw pillows you could use an old sweater or knit blanket to make your own slipcovers. Or you could just use a regular throw pillow you already have sitting on your couch.

Inspired by Hearth and Hand Magnolia DIY tassel pillows

Once you settle on the type of throw pillows you would like to use you need a piece of scrap wood or a book to make the tassels. 

If you would rather make pom poms for your pillow you MUST get a set of these pom pom makers. They are very inexpensive on Amazon and you will be cranking out pom poms like a factory.

DIY Tassel Pillows Instructions

For my throw pillows I used a piece of wood that was 5 inches wide and I wrapped the yarn around the wood to make my tassels. You can make them however big you want to make them. That’s the beauty of being a DIY’er.

Once the tassels were completed I attached them to the corners of my knit throw pillows and that was it. With some inspiration and minimal craft skills, my DIY tassel throw pillows are jazzed up and a cute accent in my living room.

DIY Tassel Pillows 2

As I said earlier, every month a group of bloggers are challenged by C’mon Get Crafty to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies! Check out some awesome creations you might be able to make from your own stash! #CraftRoomDestashChallenge

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  1. Florence says:

    I’ve got to get me one of those Pom Pom makers! I keep forgetting, but don’t we all love the cutesy look of them? I know I sure do. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. Habiba says:

    Denise, I can’t tell you how often I saw something gorgeous and decided to save the comes in extra handy, when you are willing to buy, but the item is out of stock! I made a gazillion pom poms in my life but not one tassel, yet. Thank you for this easy tutorial.

  3. Luxury Decorative Throw Pillows says:

    These are awesome! I’ve got to give these a go so I can stop buying luxury decorative throw pillows!

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