Whole30 Day 25: Deep Sleep

My Journey: Whole30 Day 25

Whole30 day 25 has finally brought me to the better sleep stage of the challenge and I have been “dreaming” of this phase. Mind you I have chronic insomnia and take a sleeping pill {affiliate link} every night but I still wake up multiple times each night. The last week I have noticed that I actually go to bed and I stay asleep until my alarm goes off in the morning. I am guessing that good sleep is also the reason I have so much energy lately. Regardless of the reason, it’s another side effect that I will happily welcome.

Although the weather was a little crazy tonight, I was able to enjoy my dinner with my feet up and sitting on the front porch. I love nights like this.

whole30 day 25 dinner on the porch

Whole30 day 25 Menu {Food Choices}


  • 2 hardboiled eggs with spicy mayo
  • mixed raw veggies
  • almonds and cashews



  • key lime Larabar


  • mixed greens salad
  • steamed broccoli
  • sautéed asparagus with garlic and onions
  • grilled salmon and sea bass

whole30 day 25 dinner

Whole30 Exercise {Fitbit Steps}

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my walk in after work today because it was dark with lightening and thunder so I waited it out for about 45 minutes. After all the grumbling from Mother Nature I decided to risk it and walk anyway. I was able to log 5,700 steps today which meets my weekday goal of 5,000.

Whole30 Emotions {ready for more}

Today one of my co-workers asked how long I was going to do this challenge and my response was…forever. I am going to keep going with some modifications. There are times when real life will prevent me from being 100% compliant and I am resolved to doing the best I can and not beat myself up over creamer in my coffee.

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