Whole30 Day 22: Black Coffee

My Whole30 Journey: Day 22

Whole30 day 22 has be thinking about blah-ck coffee. I have had a few bumps in the road during this journey and adjusting to drinking plain blah-ck coffee is one of them. I never realized the various flavors of blah-ck coffee from strong, dark, weak, light, espresso, to plain ole’ nasty because I drink my daily cup of coffee with Almond Joy Coconut Creamer and Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix. My version of coffee doesn’t taste like coffee. I have dubbed as my version of morning coffee as a cheapoccino because the same cup of coffee fully loaded at Starbucks will cost me $5.

With that being said, it is Day 22 and I still don’t like blah-ck coffee but it is going down easier. My favorite black coffee is Dunkin’ Donuts from the Keurig Coffee Maker {affiliate link} at work.

whole30 day 22

My Whole30 Day 22 Menu {food choices}


  • Blah-ck coffee
  • Salad with roasted chicken
  • Tessemae’s roasted garlic dressing
  • Cherry Larabar

Lunch: {went out to lunch)

  • Roasted brussel sprouts with caramelized onions
  • mixed greens salad with grilled shrimp and balsamic vinaigrette


  • Almonds


  • BBQ Meatballs
  • sautéed mushrooms and onions with zucchini noodles

whole30 day 22 dinner

My Whole30 Fitness {Fitbit Steps}

I was able to log 4,100 steps today {even though the main page of my Fitbit says 3,000}. Good thing I learned to check the weekly log to find my true steps because there seems to be a hiccup with my syncing and refreshing of my steps. Regardless, I am so happy that I am not being the slug I thought I was at the beginning of my challenge.

My Whole30 Emotions {excited}

I am feeling excited as I enter the home stretch of my Whole30 challenge. As I have said all along, this really hasn’t been too hard compared to all the hard stuff I have endured over the last year. When things are put into perspective and you are given a reality check you suddenly realize you are a lot stronger than you ever knew. I am STRONG and I am so excited to complete the first 30 and set myself of to successfully complete the next 30.

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