Whole30 Day 21: Obsessed With Food

My Journey: Whole30 Day 21

Whole30 day 21 brings me to feeling like I have become obsessive about compliant food. I am thinking and talking about Whole30 food all the time and I am getting to the point that I just want to eat and not think about it. Although I love the way I feel, I am getting a large variety of foods, I have tried new things and I have no complaints but I am getting bored. There I said it…I am getting bored for no apparent reason. According to the Whole30 timeline, I am once again experiencing a normal part of the challenge. Nice to know I am being “normal”.

whole30 day 21

Whole30 Day 21 Menu {Food Choices}


  • 2 hard boiled eggs with spicy mayo
  • brussel sprout & kale salad sprinkled with toasted almonds
  • lemon garlic and Dijon mustard dressing
  • chicken apple sausage
  • blah-ck coffee


  • sautéed carrots
  • spicy sausage {I can’t remember the name but it was spicy}
  • sauerkraut
  • brussel sprout & kale salad {it’s finally gone, and it was delicious}


  • mixed salad greens with roasted veggies and chicken breast

Whole30 Fitness {Fitbit Steps}

Another busy yet productive day with mindful walking. Which basically means I squeezed in 4,800 steps today by remembering to get my butt up out of my desk chair and taking the long way to the bathroom twice, doing to the lower level for a drink of water and parking in the last spot in the lot. Every step literally counts.

Whole30 Emotions {healthy}

I would say that I started the Whole30 challenge eating fairly healthy but I have learned how much sugar affects my health, physically and mentally. I totally get how my body is addicted to sugar and how easy it would be for me to bring it back into my diet if I weren’t being mindful of reading labels and making an effort to remove sugar as much as possible. It’s like a drug but you can’t get away from it because it is literally in EVERYTHING! Read those labels.

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    • Denise Bryant says:

      Thanks for following my journey Sam…and for being my cheerleader. I appreciate your support.

  1. Toni says:

    Yes, sadly sugar is in everything and when you see it in something that’s not even a sweet you have to wonder why. The low fat craze really kicked adding sugar to stuff into high gear. I’m a total sugar addict, have been since I was a kid, but thankfully I also like salty stuff so I spread the calories around LOL

    But seriously, this Whole30 plan is such a great way to kickstart a healthier eating way of life. After a few days without you body stops “needing” it.

    I can’t wait to hear your end results ?

    • Denise Bryant says:

      Yes Toni…after a few days all cravings were gone but I can see how easy it would be to fall back into the same trap. Going forward I plan to eliminate as much as possible and have it on those special occasions….like chocolate caramel pie. 🙂

    • Denise Bryant says:

      I do miss my wine too. I look forward to sitting down with a glass or two on Friday night to unwind from the week.

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