How To Make Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

I have seen tissue paper tassel garland everywhere, from Target, Etsy to Paper Source, but I don’t like the hefty price tag for something so simple. It’s tissue paper for goodness sake so why should it cost so much? {Hidden thoughts of a true DIYer.} Yep, I did what any DIYer would do and headed right over to Pinterest for some inspiration.

How to DIY tissue paper tassel garland

I have a group of friends that are also bloggers and we challenge each other to use craft supplies that we are hoarding. At the end of this post youwill be treated to all of our craft room projects.

tissue paper tassel garland supplies

This month I am taking some pretty Ikea tissue paper and washi tape to make this tassel garland for my daughter’s room makeover which will be revealed on March 31st. Yes, my Tribe will be revealing our $100 room makeovers and this DIY tassel garland will give you a sneak peek of more to come with that room reveal.

Tissue paper tassel garland supplies

When you see how easy this garland is to make you will be looking at tissue paper far beyond filling a birthday gift bag.

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Supplies

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Assembling Tissue Paper Garland

  • Fold one sheet of tissue paper in half length wise
  • Fold in half width wise
  • Fold again width wise
  • With a fold at the top and left side, cut 1/2 inch strips
  • Stop cutting 1 inch from the top fold
  • Unfold once and cut in half
  • Unfold again and cut each half in half again (you should have 4 quarters now)
  • Take one section, completely unfold and begin to roll
  • Twist middle section and twist into a loop
  • Wrap with washi tape
  • Run twine through loop

I apologize if my directions are confusing but they are really basic and these are the directions I found on Pinterest. Hopefully the pictures will help guide you in making your own tissue paper garland.

cutting tissue paper tassel garland

Twisting tissue paper tassel garland

Tissue paper tassel garland and washi tape

How to make tissue paper tassel garland

DIY tissue paper tassel garland

I promise this is an easy craft project. If you have any questions please email me and I am happy to help but in the meantime feel free to see how I used this tissue paper tassel garland in my $100 teenage girl room makeover.

How to make tissue paper tassel garland with Ikea tissue papers.


  1. Debrashoppeno5 says:

    I have been seeing so many garlands lately. I really like how you made this one. It has presence and style. It looks so easy to make and it adds a sense of celebration.

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