Framed Letter from Grandma Sbertoli

If you can’t tell from my decor, I am one of those people that saves and collects items because of their priceless, sentimental value. I love incorporating personal items into my home decor and this framed letter from Grandma Sbertoli is part of my story. My collections help answer the burning question, Who am I?

I blame my Mom for my hoarding behaviors. She saved and passed along the outfit I wore home from the hospital, the first pair of shoes I walked in, and my first Easter purse as well as several other priceless items including treasures from her own childhood.

Letters from Grandma

One of my most treasured items are the handwritten letters from Grandma along with the photos I received from her. Grandma Sbertoli was definitely our family historian and documented every random visit, special family event or holiday gathering.

She was diligent about snapping pictures with her Kodak camera, the kind with the flash cube bulb. The camera was permanently housed on her fireplace mantle for quick and easy access. 

Letters from Grandma

She happily snapped pics as if she was Annie Leibovitz. Within 7 days of any visit with Grandma, an envelope of pictures would show up in the mailbox with a handwritten note detailing each snapshot along with her joy of another moment in time with her family.

Framed Letters from Grandma

As I was flipping through a box of pictures, I came across a worn envelope that was perfectly aged and faded to an off white color with golden edges which instantly made my heart skip a beat. It was an old treasure of my own.

Letters from Grandma

I immediately recognized the elegant handwriting of my Grandma as I read the address of my childhood home scrolled across the front of the tattered envelope. The envelope was postmarked 1985 which meant I was a sassy, 15 year old, know-it-all, teenage girl sporting a full head of big, teased 80’s hair perfectly held in place with a can of Aqua Net hairspray. 

Letters from Grandma

After reading the letter and wiping away my tears, inspiration struck and I ran to Office Max. I had the envelope scanned and blown up to fit into an empty vintage 16×20 frame from my collection. It was begging to hold a letter from Grandma.  

The sweet guy at Office Max didn’t even question my odd request. It was quick, easy and done within minutes. The results were just as I had envisioned. Perfect. 

Letters from Grandma

I love, love, love the end result of this simple project. It cost me less than $20 to incorporate some sentimental, family history into my decor with a vintage feel while highlighting my Grandma’s beautiful handwriting. 

Letters from Grandma

My Grandma passed away in 1997 and left me with so many happy memories, funny stories and faded envelopes fill with her poetic, handwritten words. I am beyond grateful that I saved my old letters and pictures. 

Letters from Grandma

So, Who am I?

Today, I am a hoarder of sentimental, priceless family treasures. 


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