50 Fabulous Years and Life Lessons

Most people are filled with sadness and angst when it comes to turning 50 but I personally had more uncomfortable feelings about turning 30 than I did 50. Right now, I truly have a sense of gratitude for these 50 fabulous years and that includes embracing the good and bad experiences because those have definitely contributed to who I am, inside and out.

50 fabulous years and life lessons with Denise (2)

Today I celebrated the 50th year of my soul thriving inside my human body. Yes, I do believe that my physical shape is just a shell that houses my soul, which is the real me.

Birthday Cupcakes

Without going too off topic here, I truly feel that my soul is where my deepest thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams and desires are stored. My mind and body are tasked to work with the Universe (which is God) and all he has created, as well as other souls, to bring the real me forward into this physical world. I am tasked with leaving my legacy and lessons for future generations to live, learn and thrive as they too bring their souls forward into their Earthly form. Deep stuff, I know. 

Friendship Sisters

Life Lessons

We are a physical body filled with energy that vibrates and attracts other vibrations towards us like a magnet. Positive thoughts and actions fueled by kindness, love and compassion create a wave of positive vibrations that draw other positive vibrations towards you. Same goes for negative thoughts and vibrations. It’s a no brainer here, work hard to stay positive.

  1. You get what you give. I have told this to my kids forever in reference to so many life lessons; school, friendship, family, relationships, employment, money, life goals, etc. Really, my exact words were- if you give crap you can expect crap in return so put forth the effort to give what you want in return. This applies to every aspect of life.
  2. Give with love expecting nothing in return. Just do kind things out of the goodness in your heart and don’t expect payment or reward in return for your actions. The  Universe will answer with your reward.
  3. Surround yourself with goodness. Surrounding yourself with good people and experiences that align with your soul will make it so much easier to stay positive and attract more positive into your life. Nobody needs to struggle with someone else’s negativity. That is their life lesson to learn and a vibration you don’t need to own or invite into your space.
  4. Pause and say thank you. When you are feeling happy, no matter what is causing that happiness, pause to soak up the moment and give some gratitude for the moment. Breath in and absorb the love and positive energy surrounding you.  
  5. Follow your gut (God) instinct. Listen to your gut when you get that feeling something isn’t right. 

50 fabulous years and life lessons with Denise (1)

Celebrating 50 Fabulous Years

I plan on celebrating my birthday all year long but I was lucky enough to take a quick trip to Florida and celebrate my actual birthday with some of our Navy family. I have been blessed to have met Amy and Darrell when we were neighbors in Mayport, Florida over 20 years ago.

50 fabulous years and life lessons with Denise

Amy and I instantly connected on so many levels and she has been more like a long lost sister to me. Her extended family became our extended family and I was so excited to see everyone at my birthday party which was planned by Amy and my sweet hubby. 

50 fabulous years and life lessons with Denise

I was completely surrounded by amazing, good-hearted people with positive energy and I definitely stopped and paused throughout the weekend to give thanks and soak up all of those vibes. (Refer to items 3 and 4 on my list above.)

50 fabulous years and life lessons with Denise

Who am I?

Today, I am fifty and FABULOUS. 

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