Beautiful DIY Deconstructed Chair

Modern. Boho. Rustic. Industrial. Farmhouse. The beauty of a deconstructed chair is that it can fit in with just about any decor style. I adore the simplicity of this DIY deconstructed chair that I have added to my living room. Be still my heart, I am in love! 

beautiful DIY deconstructed chair

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  • There’s no budget to stick to.

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DIY Deconstructed Chair

beautiful DIY deconstructed chair detail

Yes, deconstructed furniture is a “trend” right now but I hope it stays around for a very long time. I don’t know which aspect draws me to it but I love the artistic flare as well as the industrial vibe it gives off. 

beautiful DIY deconstructed chair side

I have been anxious to try my hand at deconstructing a piece of furniture but I have seen some horrible, disgusting projects that had me a bit hesitant.

I was lucky to be gifted two identical chairs covered in a pink plaid fabric. They were very cute with sturdy bones but pink is not my color. You can take a peek at the before pics of my chairs prior to deconstruction

beautiful DIY deconstructed chair complete

Needless to say, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised when we peeled back the five layers of upholstery to see that these beauties were not only well made but had all the character and charm I wanted to create. 

beautiful DIY deconstructed chair back

Gorgeous wood lines, burlap lining and patchwork stitches. 

I had originally planned to use drop cloth to cover the chairs but I scored an awesome deal at the thrift store.

I picked up a brand new UGG duvet at the thrift store for less than $10. The material is a very heavy fabric that is cream colored, with farmhouse stripes and a linen look.  Perfect for this deconstructed chair project. 

beautiful DIY deconstructed chair striped material

I am giving my husband full credit for this project as he painstakingly removed hundreds of staples. Not to mention, he put up with my endless “directions” and still loves me at the conclusion of the project. 

At the writing of this post, we have only completed one of the chairs and it has been well loved by the entire family. It has also become the favorite napping spot for our cat.

beautiful DIY deconstructed chair arm

Deconstructed Chair Tutorial

And now you can see the before pics along with a —–> step by step tutorial of how we deconstructed the chair(s).

Thanks for letting me tease you with this beautiful deconstructed chair. Please continue to scroll down and check out all the DIY goodness shared by my talented friends. 

Beautiful DIY deconstructed chair


    • Denise Bryant says:

      Me too! It was definitely one of my best thrift store scores and I debated for a long time if I should use the duvet on a bed or cut it up for the chair. So glad I went with the chair option.

  1. Sandi says:

    Beautiful Job!!!! I can only hope my settee turns out half as beautiful as your chair!!! Your lucky to have the support of your husband too that is Awesome!!!

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