Whole30 Day 3: Sugar Overload

My Whole30 Day 3 Journey

Whole30 day 3 is in the books as another successful day…for me.  One of my daughters {whom I have identified as a carboholic} has not been a happy camper. There may have been a little meltdown today over mustard, ketchup and BBQ sauce. Needless to say, there are Whole30 approved condiments that I will be purchasing in the near future.

I have to say, I am missing salad dressing the most and I am already burned out on olive oil and balsamic vinegar. If you have a great recipe for salad dressing please do share it in the comments.

My Whole30 Food {Menu of the Day}

whole30 day 3 breakfast



  • watermelon and grapes


  • Salmon salad lettuce wraps (I used leftover salmon instead of tuna)
  • Coconut Larabar
  • Almonds


  • Taco salad with guacamole and salsa Verde
  • Sautéed garlic green beans

whole30 day 3 lunch

My Whole30 Fitness {Fitbit Steps}

Ugh, I am hoping that I can get focused on walking as much as I am on eating the right food. Yesterday we had crazy weather and today it was absolutely beautiful and I have no excuse for my lame 3,000 steps. {I did leave my house today…really.}

My Whole30 Feelings {Sugar Overload}

Now that my girls have joined me in the Whole30 Challenge they are getting really good at reading labels and getting used to being disappointed {take note of the meltdown I talked about earlier}. It is unbelievable how much sugar is in just about everything we eat….everything. Who knew there was sugar in bacon?

Here is an article from Women’s Health Magazine describing what sugar does to your body. The more I educate myself on clean food choices the more I see that the food industry is poisoning us. The good thing is people are getting educated, demanding better food choices and the farmers are responding to the demand.

You can continue to follow my journey at Whole30 day 4.

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