Whole30 Day 17: Grow Your Own Food

My Journey: Whole30 Day 17

Whole30 day 17 brings me to a full and productive day. I also share on my blog creative DIY repurposing and today was not only a DIY day but a day filled with gardening and food prep for the week. I am really excited about our garden this year and growing our own food. We have dozens of eggshells filled with seedlings that have finally sprouted.

whole30 day 17 sprout

Last week I noticed that we were low on food prep and there was a lot of sausage consumed because it is easy to heat and eat. Today I have pulled pork, crockpot chicken, pot roast, taco meat and a mixed green salad all prepped and ready in the fridge. Tomorrow I need to make a brussel sprout & kale salad and roast some sweet potatoes. All of this will keep us well fed with less thinking about what to make for lunches and dinners.

whole30 day 17 garden

Whole30 Day 17 Menu {Food Choices}


  • 2 over easy fried eggs, sautéed peppers on top of pulled pork
  • large McDonald’s blah=ck coffee


  • coconut Larabar
  • turkey, ham and broccoli sprout roll-up


  • carrots and potatoes {I don’t like pot roast, so I skipped it.}

whole30 day 17 sprouts

Whole 30 Fitness {Fitbit Steps}

Today I finally hit 10,000 steps and I am feeling it. So much for no back pain because it is definitely flaring up tonight. Although my Fitbit battery died yesterday I am quite sure I hit my goals yesterday as well because I had 5,000 steps by 10:30 am.

Whole30 Emotions {hungry}

As I am writing this I am hungry but don’t want to eat this late. I know that I am hungry because I didn’t have any protein for dinner. I am not a big meat eater normally and today I just didn’t feel like finding the protein and hunger is the consequence.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness-your mention of broccoli sprouts made me hungry for sprouts!! I LOVE them and haven’t had them in years…..I need to do some sprouting… 😉 Keep up the good work sweet friend!!! I’m still so crazy proud of you!! 😊💕

    • Denise Bryant says:

      Sarah the sprouts are sooooo good. There haven’t been alfalfa sprouts around in a while due to contamination and I was doing the happy dance when I saw the broccoli sprouts. Love them.

    • Denise Bryant says:

      There was a time where alfalfa sprouts were contaminated and off the shelves but I found broccoli sprouts that are just as good. I have used them in turkey rollups and topped them on my salad…just adds some extra crunch.

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