Pet Lovers Gift Giving Guide for Year Round Giving

I live in a house full of Pet Lovers and if possible my kids would turn this place into a zoo. Right now we have a cat, a dog, a turtle and lots of fish. I think chickens would be the perfect addition to the family just because I want free eggs and a fancy chicken coop in our yard.

As we approach the holidays, gift requests for the pets in our house always make it onto the wish list so I put together this Pet Lovers Gift Giving Guide with some fun ideas. {Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure here.}

Pet Lovers with Fish

My husband is the fish expert in this house. All of our guests are welcomed by the fish in  his 55 gallon aquarium that fills our foyer. It is definitely a conversation piece but not everyone has the space for such a large tank. I thought this Bubble Tank would be the perfect addition to anyone’s small space.


Pet Lovers with Dogs

Our Dachshund is the baby of the family and my kids love to dress her up and walk her around as she struts her stuff. She is tiny enough to travel with us too and a pet carrier is definitely needed when we travel along with a tote bag for her water dish and toys.



Pet Lovers with Cats

We have one grumpy cat at our house and he lives the typical cat life. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. He does it all while leaving his favorite chair filled with hair. Since we have hardwood floors in our house I don’t have an upright vacuum but this little Dirt Devil gets the job done.




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