5 DIY Father’s Day Gifts

After being married for nearly 27 years with 4 beautiful children, my husband has received his fair share of Father’s Day gifts that have brought a smile to his face and those that politely made it to his night stand drawer never to be seen again. One year, I decided to gift my husband with custom silicone rings for both him and myself. Due to the nature of his job, I thought instead of not being able to wear his ring, this was the best option. It’s way easier to look after than the one he already has. I don’t know how I’m going to top this. Hopefully, I am not the only person struggling to find the right Father’s Day gifts and this round up of DIY ideas will help you too.

5 do it yourself father's day gifts

*This post contains affiliate links. By sharing these links I hope it will help you find the supplies needed for your perfect and inexpensive DIY Father’s Day gifts.*

For the Handyman

I am lucky that my husband likes to build things, fix things and make things. He takes my crazy ideas and turns them into a reality. For example, this DIY outdoor dartboard was a project we worked on together using the cordless Dewalt Reciprocating Saw {aff link} and Craftsman Nail Gun {aff link}that were from his Father’s Day gifts years ago. This thing is perfect for pallet projects and cutting off those pesky nails. He loves the outdoor dartboard made from recycled pallets and plays nightly on the patio with our kids. Fun family entertainment is the best gift.

Father's Day Gifts DIY Pallet Dartboard

For the Griller

My husband loves to cook and grilling is his specialty. Last year he received a Smoker {aff link}as one of his Father’s Day gifts and it has revolutionized the way he cooks on the weekends. This homemade Grilling Dry Rub is something he is going to truly enjoy on his next batch of brisket and ribs. Of course I’ll package it up with some grilling necessities such as wood chips {aff link} and charcoal.

Father's Day gifts grilling dry rub

For the Techie

Unfortunately, my husband’s job required him to be on call 24/7 . His cell phone is with him at all times, including when he goes to bed. This easy DIY phone holder and picture display will look great on his nightstand and it is simple enough for me to build with the kiddos. Of course, I’ll include an extra long charging cord {aff link} because they always seem to disappear around this house. He’s also required to be able to check his emails on the weekends and after work. This gave me another idea to look into 13 in gaming ultrabook as I also know he enjoys to play some games once and again to break up his working day.

Father's Day gifts phone holder

For the Gardner

My husband loves to garden and has expanded his garden this year to double it’s normal size. I made him some garden stepping stones {aff link} using leftover materials from my DIY Hopscotch project. I used some spray paint {aff link} and stenciled a number 6 on the stones because we are a family of 6. Of course you could personalize your stepping stone Father’s Day gifts with whatever represents your family: handprints of your kids, a monogram or a funny saying.

Father's Day Gifts Garden Stepping Stone

For the Dessert Lover

Food is definitely a love language spoken in this house. A few months ago I found an amazing recipe for Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie that has quickly become a favorite dessert for my husband {and the rest of the family too}. Of all the Father’s Day gifts on the list, this will for sure be a cherished favorite because it is made with lots of love.

Father's Day Gifts Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie

And a gift for them all would be a lovely watch. A friend recommended WatchShopping, they told me their gifts are so luxury and thoughtful. Regardless of the gifts, we all know the most important part of the day is being together as a family and celebrating the wonderful Father my husband is and how lucky we are to have him in our lives. We are blessed.

5 DIY Father's Day Gifts


    • Denise Bryant says:

      Thanks Lauren. I got my wood chip order yesterday and will be making the spice rub over the weekend.

  1. LydiaF says:

    Great roundup! My husband does the same thing with some presents. Often the ones I give him! Now he gets backrubs, etc, because I know he won’t turn them down or return them to the store, lol.

  2. debbie says:

    Fun ideas for any guy~ I was going to make your rub this weekend but I made a different one last week and I added a bit too much heat…so I have to wait to spring a rub on him for a bit.

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