Breakfast Sandwich Makin’ Isn’t Just for Breakfast

 Just being honest here but the only McThing I like at the McDrive-Up is a breakfast sandwich. {We all have our demons and secrets and I just shared one of mine.}

breakfast sandwich maker ingredients

Skip the fast food drive-up window and make your own breakfast sandwich

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Breakfast sandwich muffin

Since my husband and I are avid DIYers, my Mom is great about giving us household gifts that make life and projects easier.  Over the years we have been gifted a Steam Fast Steam Mouse Cleaner  {affiliate link} that we have used to strip wall paper and clean shower grout, a Toaster Convection Oven  {affiliate link} that we use for quick small meals (usually lunches), our first Betty Crocker Cookbook  {affiliate link} that we use all of the time and most recently the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker. {affiliate link}

breakfast sandwich maker with bread

This one kind of made me go …..hmmmm…..because my thought was….we can toast an English muffin, add an egg, add a piece of cheese, add a piece of sausage and call it a McSomething breakfast sandwich ourselves. Why do I need another griddle to add to the appliance closet?

breakfast sandwich with egg

I was skeptical from the beginning because I didn’t understand how this thing was going to cook an egg without running out all over the place, without burning the bread and cook the sausage at the same time while turning out a delicious breakfast sandwich. After reading the instruction book, I was disappointed to learn that you can only add pre-cooked meat. What’s the point of using this thing if I have to break out the skillet and cook the meat? I might as well cook the egg too while I’m using the toaster oven to toast the bread.

breakfast sandwich maker

So here is where my mind was changed into loving this appliance. My husband said, “we’ll try it out and make a bunch of different breakfast sandwich combos and then we’ll get rid of it”. So he pulled things out of the refrigerator and went to breakfast sandwich makin’ town.

Breakfast Sandwich Combos

  • Egg, American cheese, sausage or bacon
  • Egg, Swiss cheese, ham
  • Egg, garlic cheese, mushroom, green pepper and onion
  • Egg, pepper jack cheese, refried beans, salsa verde

Each breakfast sandwich was better than the previous sandwich and it literally takes 4 mintes to make two breakfast sandwiches. My husband and I both felt bad for having such negative thoughts about the appliance before we even used it. We started making a list of all the different combos we could make and then it is hit us…it would be so fun to host a brunch and let people make their own breakfast sandwich.

Breakfast sandwich bread

Needless to say we didn’t stop at breakfast sandwiches. We have used bagel thins, croissants and homemade bread to make toasted sandwiches.

Sandwich Combos

  • Everything bagel thin, turkey, Dijon mustard and cheddar cheese
  • Croissant, brie cheese, raspberry jelly and chopped walnuts
  • Homemade thick cut buttermilk bread, turkey, Dijonaise, ham, Swiss cheese
  • English muffin, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese

Breakfast sandwich muffin

We use this thing so much it never leaves the counter. If you happen to have a Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker  {affiliate link} I’d love to hear how you use it and some of your breakfast sandwich combos. Visit the My Thrifty House Facebook Page for more inspiration and ideas.


  1. Happy Happy Nester says:

    Denise, I never knew there was such a little appliance like this one! Oh gosh, my son would love one of your breakfast sandwiches! Your photo looks so delicious! Great post, I’m going to pin it. 🙂

    • Denise Bryant says:

      Thanks Janine. We never knew it existed before it was gifted to us. It sure has been fun getting creative with the sandwich making.

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