Adorable Baby Doll Bed Makeover with Drop Cloth & Chalk Paint

$1 Flea Market Find – Baby Doll Bed

This baby doll bed was speaking to me when I was at the flea market. Over the years I have learned that when junk speaks to me I have to listen or I will regret it forever. Nothing haunts me more than that one thing I didn’t get when I saw it.

Before pic of $1 baby doll bed found at the flea market.

My girls are far beyond the age of playing with their American Girl dolls {aff link} so I had a hard time explaining to my husband why I had to have this baby doll bed. I just had a vision of making it “cute” and the price tag on this beat up and well used piece of doll furniture was $1. How could I pass it up for $1? If anything it would make a cute doggy bed for our Dachshund.

Baby Doll Bed Makeover with Chalk Paint and Drop Cloth Canvas

I had recently reupholstered and stenciled a desk chair using drop cloth and I had plenty of leftover material to reupholster the baby doll bed.

Baby doll bed makeover with drop cloth and homemade aqua chalkpaint

Baby doll bed covered with drop cloth canvas painted with grain sack stripes

After my sweet hubby added a layer of batting and reupholstered the baby doll bed I taped off some lines with painters tape and used some of my homemade aqua chalk paint to add some stripes to the drop cloth.

Baby doll bed painted with homemade aqua chalk paint and covered with drop cloth canvas.

I also used the same aqua chalk paint to cover the baby doll bed frame. I then distressed the frame with sandpaper and used antique wax to add a vintage patina to the bed frame. Lastly, I added some inexpensive glass drawer pulls to each of the four bed posts.

Baby doll bed with drop cloth cover and crystal knobs

Ironically, when I was all done with this transformation I was invited to a birthday party so this doll bed never became a doggy bed. I love when one of my junkin’ visions comes to life and I can share my creativity with someone else to enjoy. This flea market find is going to make one little birthday girl very happy.

Adorable baby doll bed madekover with drop cloth and chalk paint

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Adorable Baby Doll Bed Makeover with Drop Cloth and Chalk Paint

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      Thanks Lisa. I was trying to jazz up the drop cloth and I think it turned out pretty cute.

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