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Inexpensively Add Nature to Your Décor

Twig Flower Vase on Table

A couple of weeks ago we had a huge wind storm that covered our yard with broken branches and twigs. My hubby was doing a yard clean up while I was working {aka trolling the internet} and I came across some cute and easy twig flower vase projects. I really love adding an element of nature to my décor and what better way than to recycle and repurpose what you already have on hand?

Twig Flower Vase branches

I can’t even tell you how quick and easy this twig flower vase project was and the fact that my sweet hubby did all the work makes me love it even more. He is the best at executing the ideas that are trapped in my overwhelmed, creative brain.

Twig Flower Vase supplies

Twig Flower Vase Supplies

  • Variety of twigs (fat and skinny)
  • Glass vase (my vase was saved from a birthday bouquet)
  • Burlap or any scrap of sturdy dark fabric (we used a scrap from a potato sack reupholstering project)
  • Hot glue gun (hubby broke out his Craftsman glue gun instead of my cute pink glue gun)
  • Pruning Shears (trim your twigs the length of the vase)
  • Twine and accent pieces (twine, lace, tags and key are from my flea market stash)

 Twig Flower Vase collage

Directions for Dummies

*This post contains affiliate links. I am sharing what I used to make this project so you can recreate it yourself.*

  • Gather your sticks, lots of sticks, in a variety of sizes with the bark in the same shade or tone. We opted to go with the gray tones since that is a color used predominantly throughout our house.
  • You’ll need a glass vase and it doesn’t have to be a cylinder (which would be easiest) but I do have a square vase I will use for my next project.
  • Wrap your vase with the burlap (or dark fabric) and use the hot glue to adhere it to the vase. You want to use a dark fabric color because there will be gaps in between the irregular shaped twigs and a light color will show through the gaps.
  • Trim the twigs the length of your vase with the cut end at the bottom which helps it maintain a flat, stable bottom surface.
  • Hot glue the twigs around the vase concentrating on keeping your twigs as straight as possible so you don’t get a slanted pattern. You can overlay smaller twigs to fill in the gaps.
  • Wrap with twine and add your accent pieces. I wrapped a pieces of twine and lace around the twigs to add some contrasting texture and help keep the twigs securely in place. I also added two tags and a vintage key from my flea marketing stash.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love the whimsy of this project – and that it costs virtually nothing! 😀 What a great way to make the best of a bunch of fallen branches-

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